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MyMobileBristol is an exciting, new, twelve-month project being led by the Web Futures group at the Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), University of Bristol. The project is funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) under their Business and Community Engagement Programme.

The project will be a collaboration with Bristol City Council (BCC), and other parties within the region, and will tackle a number of areas of common interest:

  • The integration of time and location sensitive data in the Bristol area.
  • Optimising the delivery of time and location sensitive information for mobile devices, especially in relation to transport information and where there may be benefits in terms of environmental and sustainability impact.
  • Piloting a “campus” application that targets smart-phone users.

MyMobileBristol provides a fantastic opportunity for the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council to collaborate in piloting a sustainable service to benefit both the citizens in Bristol and the University campus community. The project will build upon the deliverables of Mobile Campus Assistant (MCA), a previous, JISC-funded project. Our open source MCA software pilot has demonstrated the usefulness of offering students and staff access to just-in-time information (such as the time of the next bus, university news, PC availability in the library) via their smart-phones. Providing such a service, tailored to users “on the move” around the University campus, will be explored further in this project, as well as opportunities for our solution to be repurposed for other University campuses and businesses in the region.

The project will include a number of deliverables, including:

  • A collaborative, online platform composed of mailing lists, wiki, source code repository and project blog. The platform will support collaboration between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and other interested parties.
  • A Mobile Campus demonstrator installed at the University of Bristol.
  • Stakeholder workshops to help agree project priorities.

More details about the project will appear on this blog throughout the summer. If you are interested in more information please contact us via our mailing list.

2 Responses to “Introducing the MyMobileBristol Project”

  1. on 15 Oct 2010 at 2:05 pmLudovic

    Hello, I’m very interested in using this, however I have a blackberry. Are you guys planning on developping a version for Blackberry Smartphones? Cheers, Ludo

  2. on 15 Oct 2010 at 2:10 pmMike Jones

    Hi Ludo. Its a mobile website, so should work on your Blackberry web browser if you view

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