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We are pleased to announce the launch of the MyMobileBristol beta (trial) service at the University of Bristol. It includes timely and location sensitive information such as:

  • Maps of the campus
  • Today’s events
  • PC availability
  • Locations of wireless hotspots

If you have a recent smartphone with web access go to on your phone to try it out. You can bookmark this address to get back to it anytime. MyMobileBristol has been designed to work on a range of recent smartphones, including the Apple iPhone and Android devices.

MyMobileBristol is a beta (trial) service. We’re making it available now as we think it will be useful, but it is still new and experimental. It is designed primarily for students, but staff and visitors are also welcome to try it. Whoever you are we would love your feedback on how it works for you or what else you’d like to see included. Please use AskIT or email the lead developer, Mike Jones.

MyMobileBristol is part of the MyMobileBristol project, managed by the Web Futures group of the Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT), University of Bristol. The project is funded by JISC under their Business and Community Engagement Programme.

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