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We have recently been working with the JISC communications team to produce a new beta service:

“This is a mobile version of the JISC website, called ‘JISC Mobile’.

JISC Mobile does not contain all of the content on the main JISC website. It is a cut-down version, featuring recent content that users are likely to want to access whilst mobile. Links are provided back to the JISC website so that users can access all of our content if required, although this will not be optimised for mobile devices.

This is a ‘beta’ service, meaning it uses new technology that might sometimes fail or give unexpected results. Whilst we will endeavour to provide a highly available service, this cannot be guaranteed.

JISC Mobile is a pilot. Please help us to improve it by letting us know what you think. Is this service useful to you? What do you think of the content we have selected for this initial version? What other JISC content would you like to access on your mobile device?”

To produce the website we used the Mobile Campus Assistant software which we are developing in the MyMobileBristol project. This involved creating new templates for the design and modifying the harvester code to tidy up the HTML in the feeds.

Ben Whitehouse from JISC has a blog post about the service:JISC Mobile is live: what do you think?

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